Team Building Meets Selfie Magic: Corporate Events At Seattle’s Original Selfie Museum!

Team Building Meets Selfie Magic: Corporate Events At Seattle’s Original Selfie Museum!

Welcome to the world of corporate events and team building like you’ve never experienced before! At the Original Selfie Museum, located in the heart of downtown Seattle, we believe in infusing creativity, fun, and memorable moments into every corporate gathering.

In this blog, we’re about to explore how celebrating your team-building activities and corporate events at our museum can transform the way you work, bond, and create lasting memories. Let’s begin!

The Original Selfie Museum: Where Creativity Meets Celebration

Imagine your team is stepping into an artistic wonderland where creativity knows no bounds, and each corner is an invitation to let loose, have fun, and make memories. Our museum is more than just a venue; it’s an immersive experience where selfies become art, and every photo is a masterpiece.

The vibrant ambiance, unique blend of art installations, and playful settings are designed to spark inspiration, foster team bonding, and make your corporate event unforgettable.

Let’s talk about your corporate event package!

Corporate Bliss Awaits: Unpacking Your Event Package

Now, let’s uncover the exciting elements that make up our corporate event package at the Original Selfie Museum. We’ve carefully crafted an experience that blends corporate team-building activities and endless fun. Here we go!

  • Private Access to the Entire Venue:

You’ll have the entire museum exclusively to yourselves, ensuring privacy and creating an intimate setting for your corporate event. There are no distractions, just your team’s creativity and celebration in full swing.

  • Flat Hourly Rates:

Our budget-friendly pricing takes the worry out of your event planning. With flat hourly rates, you can focus on making memories without the stress of excessive costs. It’s all about you and your team having a fantastic time.

  • 30+ Creative Zones and Rooms:

Discover a world of imagination in over 30 thoughtfully designed zones and rooms. Each one offers a unique backdrop for your team’s photos and team-building activities. Whether it’s vibrant murals, mesmerizing installations, or interactive settings, you’ll find the perfect spot to capture moments and enhance team bonding.

  • Groups of Up to 150 People:

Our spacious venue can comfortably accommodate large teams, making it perfect for interactive team-building activities. No matter the size of your group, there’s ample room for everyone to enjoy the experience together.

  • Catering of Your Choice:

Customize your event with catering that matches your team’s preferences. From delectable treats to gourmet delights, the choice is yours. Savor the flavors that best suit your corporate celebration.

  • Bring Additional Props and Decor:

Add a personalized touch to our already vibrant surroundings by bringing in decorations that align with your corporate event’s theme. Let your creativity shine, and your selfies will capture the essence of your unique celebration.

Supercharge Team Unity With Original Selfie Museum’s Exciting Events

Now, let’s talk about the real magic that happens at the Original Selfie Museum during your corporate event. Our interactive zones and playful props encourage team members to collaborate, communicate, and bond in new and exciting ways.

Team building activities take on a whole new level of creativity and excitement as your team explores the museum together. Whether it’s solving puzzles, taking fun group photos, or simply laughing together, our museum fosters a sense of togetherness that translates into a stronger, more connected team.

Booking Your Corporate Event: A Stress-Free Experience

Booking your corporate event at the Original Selfie Museum is as easy as capturing the perfect selfie. Fill out our simple form, and our dedicated team will connect with you promptly to discuss all the details. We’re here to ensure that your corporate event is a seamless, enjoyable experience that your team will cherish.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Team’s Creativity

Transform your corporate events and team-building activities from ordinary to extraordinary at the Original Selfie Museum in Seattle. With a creative ambiance, inclusive team activities, and customizable packages, your team will leave with more than just memories; they’ll leave with a deeper sense of camaraderie and inspiration.

Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance team creativity and celebrate your corporate events in a truly unique way. Book your corporate event today and embark on a journey of fun, teamwork, and lasting memories.